We have officially launch on Polygon mainnet!

Beta Dapp: app.artislife.network

ArtisLife Network is well ahead of schedule. In Q3 we spent majority of the time on testnet. We tested our beta dapp with NFT Farming, NFT Lottery and NFT Airdrops. …

About Polygon

Polygon works with a majority of today’s blockchain-based DeFi, web 3.0 games and NFT platforms. Polygon POS Chain has more than 500+ Dapps, more than any other chain outside of Ethereum. Additionally, Dapps such as Sushiswap and Aave provide the most requisite interaction in the DeFi space. …

Last Winners (250k ARTIS Giveaway)


Check your wallets! We have airdropped 10,000 ARTIS to you.

With your Metamask or Coinbase Wallet, go to app.artislife.network to check your wallet balance.

Make sure your crypto wallet settings are configured to Polygon Network. Polygon Setup Guide

Stake your $ARTIS token for instant 40% APR interest rewards.

Or buy…

Better than OpenSea.

ArtisLife Network Secondary Marketplace Link

What is OpenSea?

Open sea is a decentralized NFT marketplace for selling, buying and trading NFT’s. OpenSea was created in 2018, as you can see NFT marketplaces are fairly new. …

Stake $ARTIS tokens for one week, earn a NFT.


  • Next-Gen NFT Farming
  • Stake ARTIS Tokens for one week, earn a limited-edition NFT.
  • NFT Editions are awarded first come, first serve. Collectors mint their NFT themselves after the staking period.

Farming On ArtisLife

ArtisLife Network gives $ARTIS token holders an opportunity to stake their…

Liquidity added to AMM

LP Farming campaign Live

Staking Contract Live

Lending protocol live

Firs Drop on NFT Airdrop

Frist Exclusive NFT Airdrop

Tiered Farming Beta

ArtisLife Network Launch is around the corner! Learn about all the valuable things you can do with $ARTIS token.

🤑What can you do with $ARTIS Tokens?

$ARTIS token is used for a variety of purposes in the ArtisLife network.

✅Be Liquidity Provider and earn 100%+ APR.

✅Stake $ARTIS tokens and earn 40% APR.


  • Max Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 ARTIS Tokens.
  • Founder tokens have a 4 year vesting period.
  • Every distribution method uses ARTIS Tokens.
  • Artists are paid out 600M ARTIS Tokens over 10 years.

ArtisLife Network Token

ArtisLife Network Token, ARTIS, is a goldmine for NFT collectors and artists. …

ArtisLife Network is conducting a multi-part launch event of our native token, $ARTIS. The token will go live on QuickSwap on Friday September 17, 2021.

ArtisLife Network Secondary Marketplace allows users to buy and sell NFTs between each other in a simplified manner. 1.5% Fee.

*Only Early Adopter NFT is open for trading. All NFTs will be allowed trading soon.


With NFT’s exploding this year, there have been many great NFT marketplaces that have been…

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